Kim and her husband, Butch, run a small business. Like all Virginians, they have no choice, but to keep their books balanced, follow business regulations and remain accountable to their customers. It’s either that or closing their doors and leaving employees without jobs. Career politicians and the government should be held to the same standards as Virginians and Virginian business owners. Kim’s business experience has prepared her to keep career politicians accountable; she won’t put up with them recklessly spending taxpayers’ dollars, bowing down to special interests, or forgetting that Virginia families come first.

Kim’s husband, Butch, is a veteran and she herself has deep ties to Fort Lee like so many others in the district. Giving back to those who sacrifice so much to keep us safe is deeply important to Kim. With veteran’s suicide at an all time high, she understands the best way to help Vets transition into civilian life is through jobs and fighting for more accountability at the Virginia Department of Veterans Services. Kim and her husband have employed many veterans at their auto shops and she will continue to always have their back in Richmond as a member of the General Assembly.