Virginians deserve high quality, low cost and affordable healthcare. As a business owner and mother, Kim understands how important healthcare is to Virginian families and how government controlled healthcare negatively impacts our businesses and our loved ones. Kim will fight for patient controlled and free market solutions to ensure Virginia families have the healthcare they need.

As delegate, Kim will push to lower prescription drug prices, protect pre-existing conditions, expand telemedicine, increase price transparency and push for competition in our healthcare markets. Virginians should control their families’ healthcare, not career politicians in Richmond and Washington D.C.

The Commonwealth has some of the finest public schools, universities and higher education in the country; Kim and her daughter are proud graduates of Virginia’s public school system. As a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Kim is committed to bolstering smart investment in Virginia’s education system. Kim will fight for local control, school choice, and believes that ultimately parents need to make their child’s educational choices, not Richmond and Washington D.C bureaucrats. Kim and her husband, Butch, own two automative repair shops, and know the positive impact of expanding access to technical schools and vocational training, which will be a top priority for Kim in Richmond.

Kim and her husband, Butch, have owned and managed their two automotive shops for over 15 years and- having signed both the front and back of paychecks- they understand the struggles and personal sacrifices families make when starting a small business. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, Kim recognizes that small businesses are the backbone of Virginia’s economy and sees firsthand the value that small businesses bring to our community.

Because COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on businesses, it is Kim’s priority to revitalize Virginia’s economy. This means pushing pro-growth economic policies, cutting red tape, lowering taxes, and employing common sense regulations that keep us safe without burying our small businesses.

In the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our families’ health, crushed Virginia businesses, and closed our children’s schools. The health and safety of Virginia’s families are Kim’s top priority. In the legislature, she will advocate for common sense approaches to recovering from COVID that keep families safe, reopen schools, and get businesses back to work serving their customers. Recovering Virginia’s 63rd district from the COVID-19 isn’t a partisan issue, it’s a community issue.

Kim is a proud supporter of our law enforcement and first responders. Keeping our communities and neighborhoods safe is essential to providing a quality education for our children, allowing business to operate, and getting Virginia’s economy open. Kim believes Virginia is most safe when the police are well funded and engage in close working relationships with our communities. This is why she will vigorously oppose any agenda to defund the police. She will tirelessly fight this constant push from the left that weakens law enforcement’s ability to protect Virginian families. We must promote community policing and defend not defund law enforcement.

Kim and her husband, Butch, run a small business. Like all Virginians, they have no choice, but to keep their books balanced, follow business regulations and remain accountable to their customers. It’s either that or closing their doors and leaving employees without jobs. Career politicians and the government should be held to the same standards as Virginians and Virginian business owners. Kim’s business experience has prepared her to keep career politicians accountable; she won’t put up with them recklessly spending taxpayers’ dollars, bowing down to special interests, or forgetting that Virginia families come first.